Guliette Verona is a creative jewelry designer. She started her love for Jewelry when she was a little girl, spending her childhood in her father’s jewelry store in Germany.  Her family has been distinguished in the jewelry industry for over 40 years from retail, to their very own manufacturing’s in California.
       As a jeweler’s daughter; at her young age, she found herself astonished at all the beautiful collections of exquisite jewelry. The experience in which customers were so delighted to purchase her father’s jewels forever captured her heart with inspiration. Guliette Verona wished to create her own design one day in which people had an opportunity to purchase a jewelry piece as a representation of ones love and affection.  Guliette Verona first brought her skills and passion for jewelry to eCommerce.  
She opened her own Jewelry company in 2009 and became a CEO at the age of 20. She is now selling her jewelry in the largest marketplaces to date: such as, Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Etsy, Rakuten, Ebay, and  
          Guliette Verona has a great appreciation for the Arts and believes that each one ofus should be able to create our own special Crown Ring by selecting any colors to mix and match with the designs she has created in her crown ring collection.
The unique Crown Ring design created by Guliette Verona has become the number one online seller in women’s Jewelry on Amazon.  The design was first created in representation of her two daughters in which also brought great inspiration as they are her two princesses.  Her hard work is to capture the value of meaningful relationships and honoring love. In gifting a Guliette Verona Crown Ring; you are truly purchasing a special gift for an important person in your life.
       Each one of us is an Artist and Guliette Verona has created the perfect crown ring design where all Queens and Princesses’ can shop with a large verity of color options.


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23052 Alicia Parkway #116 Mission Viejo Ca 92692




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